Sunday, March 8, 2009

Sleeples Nights

I guess the stimulant was a bad idea. The first night after he had taken it, he woke up about every 2 hrs. Last night he just couldn't stop fidgeting. I think it was after 11pm when my husband told me to go sleep on the couch and he would get Marhsall to sleep. He said he put his hand on Marshall's chest and his little heart was just going wild. Unfortunately, our doctor isn't on again until Tuesday. I think it's time to try another plan. I think for now I'll take him off the stimulant and try working on giving him appropriate things to chew and getting enough movement in. It doesn't really help. He still fights with his brother like crazy and he licks everyone and everything. We are exhausted. That's why my name on here is Anita Nap..becuase I'm always so tired.


Melissa said...

I feel for you! Our GI doctor put Josh on a appetite stimulant and told me it would make him sleepy. Um... he doesn't sleep anymore. I think it is the meds, but he had problems before as well. Sigh... I hate the guessing game we always have to do. It makes you so worn out and tired. Good luck to you and take care!

Anita Nap said...

We tried the appetite stimulant. We thought it worked for Marshall, and maybe it did but it sure didn't last. We'll make it.

Nancy Brown said...

we are on Chloral hydrate and a mixture of Doxepine. Not sure why it works but it does. No one in Utah would give us choloral. Here we got it no questions asked. Ahave you tried it?