Monday, March 2, 2009

I Must Be Crazy- What's Going On With Us

This is what is going on here. It's not the best post but I'm really tired and want to get to bed but need to post this.

We are planning a vacation at the end of April to go to Naperville, Illinois, where I grew up. I'm really nervous about how Marshall will handle it. He has been more intense these last few weeks. Yes, it does cycle, but this is out of control. He doesn't sleep well, tries to eat but tells me he has to throw up. He is hitting a lot more and now started licking people and things again. Gross!!! He likes to lay on my arm or just lay on me while I'm sitting up. He touched our feeding therapist in the crotch 2 weeks ago and has tried touching me on the chest a few times too. The hyperactivity is going strong still too. Oh, and he's been a LOT more angry and threatening over the last few weeks. He doesn't seem happy. Who could? I want to take a picure of him so you can see his eyes. They have dark circles under them. I brushed him and did his "tens" (joint compressions), and with Clonidine and Melatonin in him, he went to sleep. I love that time of day. In the mornings, he's a bit snuggly but easily upset. All he wants to do is to play Disney's Toontown Online . He cries a lot, screams a lot, talks a lot (AND LOUDLY!!!!!!), jumps like crazy all over the place, and is more defiant. We are all tired. Really tired. I have more that I need to blog about but I haven't had time to do it yet.

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Annette Monts Falls said...

You are in a severe state of OVERWHELMED......duration unknown, but eventually survivable. I am keeping you in thought and prayer. Hang in there.....that is too often and sadly, really all we can say to each other here; just HANG IN THERE. But God still promises rainbows......wishing you some 'quiet, joyful' unexpected blessings....