Monday, November 1, 2010

Sensory Integration

Hey everyone! I am doing research for a college class on Sensory Integration (does it work, does it not work). Most OTs use Sensory Integration techniques. These techniques are supposed to help our children process and integrate what their senses take in. It can help with motor functions, behavior, and so much more.

I was hoping to get some feedback from parents whose children have used SI in therapy. Did you like it, more importantly, did your child like it? What exactly did your child do? Did you see improvements? etc.

I know it is sometimes difficult to decide exactly what method your therapists are using but if you even think that you have something for me I would love to hear from you.

I think if I have some input from real people who have experienced it (even if it is just through their child) it would enhance my paper and presentation. I have my experiences with my son but it seems biased if I am the only one. Thanks guys!