Monday, November 1, 2010

Sensory Integration

Hey everyone! I am doing research for a college class on Sensory Integration (does it work, does it not work). Most OTs use Sensory Integration techniques. These techniques are supposed to help our children process and integrate what their senses take in. It can help with motor functions, behavior, and so much more.

I was hoping to get some feedback from parents whose children have used SI in therapy. Did you like it, more importantly, did your child like it? What exactly did your child do? Did you see improvements? etc.

I know it is sometimes difficult to decide exactly what method your therapists are using but if you even think that you have something for me I would love to hear from you.

I think if I have some input from real people who have experienced it (even if it is just through their child) it would enhance my paper and presentation. I have my experiences with my son but it seems biased if I am the only one. Thanks guys!


Susan said...

We haven't had any experience with SI. - Good Luck on your paper though! :)

hayngrl101 said...

I work as an SLP and I have seen miracles happen with SI therapy. For example, my most recent case of 'magic' happened- I started working with a boy before his 2nd birthday and he could only say 'da' syllables for everything. After a year, he had made little progress but finally when his mom began sensory therapy with an OT, he started making a ton more sounds- vowel sounds and consonant sounds- he even says Petah Pan, moo, etc. and we've worked on this for over a year, but until OT started he made little progress.

Interestingly, his mom reported improvements in his eating as well. He just turned 3.

Wildthreeplus2 said...


Our boy has had a lot of sensory issues. We really haven't taken him to any therapy sessions that I can remember but in our visit with Early Intervention they gave us some good ideas which have helped.

We used a plastic brush with these plastic brissels and would brush his back, arms and legs. Then we would do some sort of compression therapy, not sure exactly what it was called but we would massage his joints. We definitely noticed him calming down. We did this for about 6 months. Now we will rub or pat his back and that helps.

I don't remember if there was anything we did in regards to his sensory to food.
Hope that helps.

Wheelchair said...

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