Friday, April 13, 2012

New diet - Book - New adventure

Hi, its been a while since we last posted. Life is crazy busy and never lets up. We came across a book called Gut and Psychology Syndrome (GAPS). It is written by a doctor in England who cured her son from Autism through a diet. After listening to a podcast of an interview of her it all made so much sense. Basically she talked about changing the diet to all non-processed foods, organic fruit and vegetables and natural meat. The first stage is mainly broth from meat and vegetables, and then adding in food as the body is ready for it.

So we started this diet about two weeks ago and it has been very rough and expensive. But we have seen a lot of improvement in our 4 year-old autistic son. It has been the simple things that we have noticed like jumping with both feet, picking up a book and reading it, trying to talk more, more independent, and better coordination. So it has been really cool to watch.

The diet at first was very hard and we are not living it to the letter of the law with him but he is eating about 90% of what we give him. Which before that it was hot dogs, cheese tacos, Doritos, and other junk food.

The first few days we basically had to starve the kids until they would eat what we had made. We decided that we had to be a little more flexible with our two year old, mainly because he is so stubborn and we only have so much energy.

The basis of the diet is to heal the gut. You are suppose to do the diet for two years and then you should be able to digest food properly. I encourage you to check into it. We have a bunch of links on our site.

We also published a book on Amazon. It is by my 6 year old daughter. Its called "My Autistic Brothers." Its available on both Amazon and Kindle. You can find it on our site.

I must give a big shout out to my wife. She is amazing!! I'm sure most of you reading this are women and I have to give props to you all because I know the from my wife's experiences being a mother of an autistic child or one with any other disability is tough. You all deserve a million dollars, per year.