Sunday, March 29, 2009

Just a thought

I had the privilage to share my testimony today at church. While I was talking about my up and down trials of being a special needs mom, some thing happened. I realized the trials that we go through are not because we are being punished or that we did something wrong. The trials that we are given are opertunities to learn. Man have I learned a lot in the past 17 months! I strongly feel that God loves us so much, that he wants us to grow more and more. I check this blog everyday and I am always seeing us woman growing, teaching and learning. That is what this is about. Our children have been given something that we as mothers can not take away or fix. Rather we as mothers are able to teach those around us how to understand and except those who are different. What a wonderful gift!


Melissa said...

What a great way to think of it. I never thought of myself as being punished, but rather wondered why I was chosen to have two kids with special needs. I do have to say I have learned alot and I have alot more compassion for others that I don't think I would have otherwise. Thanks for the reminder Jessica!

tiptoe mama said...

Thank you. I agree whole heartedly. I have felt blessed, not necessarily with the exact idea of 'opportunity' in my head, but because these spirits are so special. I feel lucky to have been chosen to take care of them on earth -- though many times it's overwhelming and scary. I have to remind myself that Heavenly Father sees in me what these children need even if I don't. Thinking of it as an opportunity is a nice way to keep that in mind.