Friday, March 20, 2009

Happy Springtime, Moms

I can't believe that Spring has arrived. I can't believe many more than twenty of them have come and gone as head gardener for my family. Reading the last post and it's comments has made me think that this is the time to bask in newness. Now is time for progress. It is an opportunity to look for positives amidst our frequent 'negatives'......riding that roller coaster life we all live. It does my heart good to read your posts; especially the ones that are filled with joy. I get little glimpses into your lives and feel pride for young women who matter much. You may not understand it now, but each of you has already planted many a seed. You are good gardeners to fragile, difficult to tend, seedlings. Keep tending. Spring is a great time to watch color and life return. Life for the mamas who often feel drained and alone; life for our babies, because roots are so strong. Growth goes in all directions; sometimes some shoots are stronger than others; sometimes we hesitantly need to pinch in one area to allow a stronger, more viable direction to unfold. New perspectives that are part of a beautiful landscape, filled with tulips......each and every one special and unique. What a wonderful garden!


Melissa said...

Thanks for some inspirational words! We all need them!

Happy in Holland said...

I love the analogy. Thanks!