Sunday, March 29, 2009

The bus... and other fun stuff

Ty if finally liking school. He has been happy as a clam and hates to get off the bus. We are looking at sending him to the foundation for blind children next year for preschool and at least looking into the summer program there for him.

This is the park by our house. He is doing so well. I can't wait to get his new braces on his feet to get it working better. I know it will be a fight.

We were outside playing before the bus came. ( yes I take my camera) and I asked him if he could hear the bus. He turned around and did that with his ear. He was so funny.

Thank you ladies for the wonderful support system. Things are going well for us right now. I am looking for some summer programs for him. I was also wondering if others have any in depth speech programs. Where do you get more information on dysphagia? I am wondering if we have something else going on.

Thanks again ladies... love ya... and love your kids


Melissa said...

Ty is so cute sitting there so happy on the bus! My oldest son has ridden the bus since he was 3. He is going to be 7 this week. He absolutely loves it too and hates to get off. It's so much easier as a mom to send them off on a bus when they enjoy it. I have dragged a screaming kid onto the bus more times than I can remember. We found the biggest difference is a great bus driver. We have been lucky in that regard. Trevor doesn't feel uncomfortable and loves it. It sure was not always that way. Ty is adorable! It's great to see all the little things he is doing. Thanks for sharing!

Anita Nap said...

I love those pictures!! What a cutie! Marshall likes the bus ok but doesn't like school. Many times we have to force him on the bus.

He got diagnosed with dysphagia by his feeding therapist who is a Speech Language Pathologist.

I hope you find a great program for him.

tiptoe mama said...

I'm so glad that things are going well for you. Good Luck on your quest for more information. Thanks for sharing the good. :)