Thursday, February 26, 2009

While I'm Waiting....for While We Are Waiting

While I'm Waiting
If this link comes through it is a beautiful video of a wonderful song entitled While I'm Waiting performed by John Waller. The song is heard on the movie FIREPROOF; however, this is a different video to the same exact song. It (the song and this particular video version) ministered to me in many ways as I listened to the lyrics and the music is so beautiful and moving. For my specific needs it reassured me that as we hope and pray for a miracle to pull together for a new type of residential setting for young adults like Clay we are to wait and worship and serve. So I post this more so in a manner of hearing WHILE WE'RE WAITING......not always peacefully and calmly perhaps as we should wait, but that we are to continue to worship and to serve Him while we wait for our answers as we put our trust in Him in all things. love and hugs, Annette :)

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