Sunday, February 22, 2009

Feeding Issues Continue

We had cereal for breakfast but it took Marshall FOREVER to eat his little bit. I ended up feeding him most of it. Thankfully, he wanted a snack at church so I gave him a Sweet & Salty Peanut Bar. Those are SOOO yummy!

Then, this afternoon, we gave Marshall 1/4 cup of Chili, which he loves, and a few other things for lunch. He ate his crackers (the crunchy part of his meal), and a few bites of his fruit leather (the fruit choice), but STRUGGLED to eat the Chili. He just wouldn't do it. He played and talked and played and talked but never wanted to eat. He had one bite in 20 minutes. So finally, out of desperation, I started feeding him. The SLP told me I should because he has a significant feeding delay. First, I told him to eat four more bites (which he eventually did) but then he wanted to be done. So I fed him a few more bites but he just would not finish. I finally gave up but that means he only ate MAYBE 1/8 cup of Chili. That can't be enough to keep weight on this boy!

Dinner started with a battle. He complained and complained about the smell (we had Beef Stroganoff), said it was yucky before he tasted it at all. When my husband put Soy Sauce on Marshall's food he said it was yummy. Still, he wasn't eating so I decided to let my husband feed him this time because I already had a turn and I had been done eating for about 10 min.
I was only gone for a few min. when I hear coughing in the kitchen. My husband yelled something so I went in to see what was going on. There was Marshall throwing up in the trash can. At least he puked in there and not all over his booster seat (which I still can't get all the way clean). My husband was FRUSTRATED and earlier had sent Marshall to bed as a punishment for not eating. I told him we can't do that!! My husband's punishment is always send them to bed but I don't agree with that. Anyway, so my husband, in frustration said, "We might as well take him and let them put a G-Tube in him." Marshall is not that bad. Yes, he has major feeding issues and yes we are frustrated and SICK OF FEEDING ISSUES, but that doesn't mean a G-Tube is the answer. He is still about 34 lbs which is really not bad for a four year old. Unfortunately, the SLP doesn't have appointments available this week so we have to wait a week. She's only in on Thursdays but I will leave her a message and beg her to call us and give us SOME clue as to how to help this boy!! We're at a complete loss.

Sleeping is still a problem but he's had a few more good nights. Sadly, he looks so tired all the time. Last night he slept in our room on his little bed, and cried out so much in his sleep. I wish he could have peaceful, restful sleep. Maybe someday.


Melissa said...

Today was one of those days for me too. My little one refused every thing I offered him for lunch. His new OT we started this week (to deal with his feeding issues) told me to offer 3 different purees per meal. I can't even get him to eat one. It's such an emotionally exhausting battle. Hang in there! I understand what you are going through!

Nancy Brown said...

After you posted your last one about how he is all done quickly. I really thought about what Ty does and I think it is us!! we basically get our caloric intake.

It is a battle and some days it is harder than others... Plus you just got told he has real issues and sometimes putting an ame to it makes it a little more stressful

hayngrl101 said...

Hi, I just wanted to offer a few words of hope. My daughter was on a g-tube for years and we had it removed just a year ago this spring at age 6+ yrs. Hang in there on the feeding therapy. I initially had a lot of anxiety and frustration in getting her to eat, but finally found an SLP that used an approach that was more positive and child-centered. Keep the faith and keep plugging. Remember that its baby steps for our little ones... and that they will pick up on the tension you have because they WON'T eat. BTW, if he doesn't like pediasure (we got to that stage) could you try doing something cool like adding food coloring? Or, our pediatrician told us to use Carnation Instant Breakfast because it has the same nutritional content as Pediasure... Anyway, just a thought.

Lorrie said...

I feel for you. My 13 year old was a horrible eater. We have feeding issues for so long I thought he never would gain any weight. We're black so people actually thought I had adopted him from Ethiopia...I hated those comments. Anyhoo...things did get better one small and pitiful step at a time here and one little struggle and victory there. Today he still has eating issues but he's almost a normal weight so I figure it's o.k. He's slightly anemic but he just started to eat meat a chicken nugget (last week)...we're still celebrating.

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