Tuesday, February 3, 2009

OOPS !!!!!

Oops! Lets try this again! The overlay for the recliner came. Did it work? NO! When I called and asked about it before going through the trouble of ordering it I was told it would work on a recliner. What they really meant was it would work on the geri chair rolling recliner that they make! From what I can see there would need to be extra hoses to make it work and those hoses are on the recliner/geri chair that they make for 1,000 dollars American more! So frustrating as we have waited so long. But, in going through their web site they do make a bedside chair overlay that would work and states it works on any chair. Upside is it costs about 600.00 less than this one and it will not extend down to the feet. We can live with that. Now tomorrow I will have to convince the powers that be that this one truly will be proper for us. Then how much longer will this take?
The Elf had to go to school in her sisters chair. It does not position her well and she was so glad to get out of it tonight. Plus, bad mom when resetting her feeding pump for the new food and water volumes somehow skipped a step for the water bolus and she did not get any water all night and day! I did not realize she had not gotten water last night because she is getting a lower volume and it looked right this morning . So while I had programed in the correct cc's to put in the bolus I forgot to put in that she got the bolus every hour! UGH! I am glad her teacher noticed it at the end of the day. I am sure she will survive. I can't wait for her chair to get back.


tiptoe mama said...

Oh my goodness! so many adventures to be had in Holland. Things can be such a hassle - especially when you're working with medical supply companies. I'm glad everything seems to be on track to get fixed, and I hope it will all work out quickly and smoothly for you. Good luck!

Luke and Erin said...

Sorry that things did not go according to plan. Hopfully it doesn't take too much longer to get you what you need!