Thursday, February 26, 2009


I know I just posted yesterday, but I have a question.  For those of you familiar with walkers. We've been watching Reagan for awhile now and trying different things to get her to stand.  It seems like when she receives extra support she's more willing to stand and attempt walking.  Most of the time the support needs to be in her chest region.  Our PT suggested we add a snug seat to our pediatric walker.  She said that the Gait Trainer might be too cumbersome and that Reagan didn't need that much support, but that a Snug Seat would be her best bet.  Have any of you ever used these?  What are your thoughts?  

Btw, we got her DAFO's yesterday. She screamed the entire time we were putting them on and adjusting.  Eventually she got used to them and stop whimpering.  It sure made me feel bad but it was amazing the change in her leg tone with the DAFO's.  Craziness.  I'm heading to the store today to buy socks and shoes! Wish me luck! 


Annette Monts Falls said...

Lori, certainly I do not know your circumstances and availabilities/choices to help your darling child. Is the equipment you are looking at Rifton? They have wonderful equipment options that we have used over the years and I would think you could do a search on Rifton special needs products or something similar to that and find the site with information. We used a 'snug seat' with Clay before going into an actual pediatric the time it was a larger car seat with a stroller type frame that could then accomadate the larger seat for mobility and support/comfort, etc. Maybe the snug seat you are referring to is something entirely different than the one we used...don't remember it being connected or adapted for walker use...we were the small handful of families starting out, testing, and using the snug seat product we used way back when. Please just email me or something if it sounds sort of like the same thing or if any of this sounds like new leads......I pray you find solutions and that some greater calm and peace will come soon..........hugs

tiptoe mama said...

I don't know much about snug seats either. But we have had a rifton gait trainer. It is a huge and heavy walker with a harness dangling in the middle. It is pretty cumbersome, but it was nice to have a seat in it, so that when MK got tired, or lost balance, there was a seat to catch her. I'm not sure if that helps or not. Good luck on that.

and CONGRATULATIONS on getting the DAFOS. They really do help. I hope you have fun buying socks and shoes. I'll be out trying to do some of that same shoe shopping later today! :)