Friday, February 13, 2009


Hi moms......It hit me I need to post a resource to you are all mainly out west, but this is a company in North Carolina with very valuable resource tools.....we have worked with them/ done business with them for years! Many different be sure to check out their web site for incredible information......browse through some of the items and sometimes when looking something will 'click' that it might be a lead to help your child........that is how I have found many tools.....just browsing catalogues and now web sites for anything I don't know about or have not seen.......see if it takes you to something that offers hope to help you problem solve your very unique, special circumstances for your children.....I only have high accolades for this company! Praying I can help some of you.......the web did not exist when I was in the middle of storms....I was very isolated, very all alone.....there was no one. I just praise God that you all have each other and this resource of support and knowledge and love! This is the site: and another

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Melissa said...

Thanks!! That is an AWESOME website!