Sunday, January 11, 2009

Just Some Ramblings

I have only posted in comments, and not all of them, the last little while. It is very exciting to see how much this is growing and how fast! You are all so truly inspirational; your stories are amazing and really give me a better appreciation for my own trials, knowing I am not the only one.
First off, we have a heavy weight punching bag, I am sorry, I forgot who was asking about them and I am too lazy to go back and find out. However, it is yours if you want it. I think it is a 100lb bag, and I am not sure if it will hang okay from your ceiling. A year ago my husband developed, for no known reason, wrist drop; he no longer uses it and it is just sitting and collecting dust. Also, I have 2 pairs of Hatchbacks, size 6 (black dress) and 7 (brown casual) if you are looking for some. You can email me at or just post a comment here or on our personal blog (
A little update, Bree is doing well. She was doing a lot better before the Christmas break. We really messed up our schedule and routine. I think it was nice to get away from it, but her muscle tone is very tight again and she gets cramps all the time—Any one have any good ideas how to relive those kind of Charlie-horse pains? She is getting more and more adventurous and that in turn is causing more injuries. But I don’t want to stop her from learning and trying all she can. So we have taken a few more precautious, and hope for the best!
She is trying so very hard to talk, she just wants to. It is hard for me to accept that she may never be able to, only make repetitive sounds that sound like the word. It can be heartbreaking. We borrowed a program called Your Baby Can Read in an effort to help her with her words. I have only done it for a few days with her. Anyone know anything about this program? It is supposed to be really good for all children under the age of 5.

I wanted to say thank you to all those that posted and read Lori’s last post. For as many different needs we are working with that is the one that I think we all fight with. The thing that weighs so heavy on our minds. The worry of our little one not being up to par. I find myself easily upset by the thought of Bree struggling in anyway. I told my husband about that and he brought up a point that hit me as very true in a profound kinda way. He said “Yeah, I worry about that too, but I worry about that with the other kids as well” I am not sure I can think of one parent who does not worry about their child struggling in anyway. It was a nice moment, to feel like I was just a regular parent with regular worries, for all my kids.

Please let me know if you would like the shoes or the bag...


Ima Mom said...

My husband does physical therapy so I will ask him about the muscle pain, but off the top of my head have you tried "biofreeze" or ibuprofen sprays. We get them at Medical Specialists in SLC. He also uses rice packs heated, cryotherapy and a tens unit. We also use theraputty to exercise the hands and fingers.

Anita Nap said...

I was the one wanting the heavy bag. I will ask my husband if 100 lbs will be OK to hang from the ceiling. It's probably OK since he got in Marshall's swing a few times. Thanks. I'll get back to you.

tiptoe mama said...

I was really excited about the hatchbacks for minute, then I realized that MK wears 6-7 without dafos on! dang it! with dafos she's a size 9. ---I'm evil, I don't make her wear dafos to church. I want her to wear pretty shoes. :)