Thursday, January 8, 2009

Anger Management

Marshall has been pretty angry lately. Ok, he's always been angry but he's getting worse again. I am really not all that excited about upping his dose of Risperdal again.

So, I was thinking maybe a punching bag would be a good thing for him. We already have a hook in the ceiling that we use for his Airwarlker Swing. I was looking at punching bags for children but they are Bozo the clown blow up ones. Would that provide enough pressure for him? I mean, I do understand that he is only 4 yrs old but he was FINALLY able to express today that sometimes he gets so mad he just wants to break Spiderman (his most favorite toy). I told him when he gets mad, he can punch his pillow or his bed or when we get a trampoline for inside, he can jump until he's not mad anymore. So, does anyone have any suggestions on a punching bag? Do you make your own? Do you buy a cheapie blow up kind? What?


Luke and Erin said...

My son got a spiderman blow-up bag for Chirstmas and it was no good by then end of the day (4 hours, it lasted).
I know "real" punching bags are very expensive, maybe you could try a speed bag instead.

familystemsupport said...

I would suggest the speed bad also. And gloves as if they are punching hard enough it can cause a burn similiar to carpet burn.

Melissa said...

Don't waste your money on the child ones... my son got a spiderman one too and if you hit it hard enough, it didn't come back up. So it defeated the purpose. Then it had a hole in it two days later anyway. The real punching bag is probably the most durable, but not the cheapest. Have you tried for something like that? I have had wonderful luck there looking for all sorts of stuff.