Friday, December 12, 2008

Taking the moment

Last night as we were doing the hustle and bustle of night time routines and night time work, I almost missed the moment.

You know, the moments where you sit back and smile and think "wow, he is mine."

The week has been a tantrum of a week. We have been asked to start trying to send him into PT and OT alone. It has taken the entire session to get him to stop crying. We did it with Speech today and he cried for a while as well. It is tiring. It is exhausting and it is emotionally sometimes more than I can take and wonder how much more I can handle. All I want is to have a conversation, a simple one. All I want is to talk to my son.

Where is my magic wand?

On nights like last night I wonder how I got to be so lucky. He lays there in his big boy bed all sweet, quiet and an angel. It takes my breathe away.

Miracles Happen!


tiptoe mama said...

so sweet.

Anita Nap said...

I love the picture. I'm sorry they want him to go to his therapy alone. That has to feel pointless if he's just going to cry the whole time. Hang in there..

Lori said...

seriously. good luck with the solo therapy. it is nice to have those "awwww" moments to get you through to the next day. what a sweet little guy.

Happy in Holland said...

What a cute little guy!

heather said...

Hang in there wiht leaving...we knoe that feeling. The picture is amazing!!!