Thursday, December 4, 2008

Painful Reminders

My poor little Breeito has an owwwww, as she says it. The other day Jeremy ran off to the bathroom and Emma was hot on his tail, until I reminded her that Jeremy goes potty with out her and that she needed to stay out until he was done. She came back as Bree was headed off, no doubt, to grab the plunger or a tube of toothpaste. Emma knew the rules and was playing with Bree taking a step in front of her direct path, sidestepping. I know that is probably confusing, but you all remember that older brother, uncle, cousin etc that would block your every step to tease you? Emma never touched Bree (that is important to know, she was within feet of her). Bree took a sidestep and lost her balance. I watched the whole thing in slow motion. She feel and hit her head on the little table they eat at. I really did not think she hit hard or that it was bad. Bree was wailing! Emma was crying because she thought it was her fault. We have explained to them that we have to be extra careful around Bree because she has a hard time walking as it is. Emma felt awful. I felt awful that Bree was crying so hard and Emma thought it was her fault. Anyway to make a long story even longer I picked Bree up to love her better while I was trying to tell Emma that it was okay and Bree was okay. Emma gave Bree a big hug and said "I am sooo sorry little Cheetio, it was just a big assident(that is how she says it). " When we were finally settled down I saw that Bree's eye was swollen shut and that there was bruising started. I put ice on it but I think my efforts were a little in vain. It was red and puffy all day. Today she woke up and it was even prettier-- purple and green. I don't think it was causing her much pain because she would poke it and say "owww" over and over again.
I know that this could happen to any new walker. However, I can't help but think that this could be her life, for the rest of her life. These are the painful little reminders to both of us that she has needs, special needs. I am okay with the special needs until something out of the ordinary happens and my thoughts catch me off guard. I am sure you can all relate to the feeling. It hurts just a little every time I think about it!
On a happier note, she is doing really well and learning lots so fast. I can tell that the words are right on the tip of her tongue and she really wants to tell me words!!!


tiptoe mama said...

Poor Bree. I hate those nasty owies. When we picked MK up from preschool today, the teacher had to explain to us that her arm gave out underneath her while crawling, and she did a face plant on the floor. It was quite red for some time and they were worried that it would swell and bruise. But by the time I got there it was all fine. I wouldn't have noticed if they hadn't pointed it out to me. MK gets lots of those types of little owies, but she's a tough cookie and is hardly ever phased by them. I wish she could teach some of that toughness to her brother.

Nancy Brown said...

I was watching my son today as he walked NAKED down the hall and I wonder how many of those bruises we will be getting. How many times can we say he fell before people don't "believe me" What a sweet girl > hope she feels better soon!