Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Overstimulation Station

Oh... here that time of year comes again. We had my family Christmas party last night and wooowwweee. My kiddos go crazy. Jaylee's hyperactivity goes into the uber-speed zone and doesn't let up til she crashes into bed. Poor little Reagan couldn't even handle the silly tissue paper. The sound of all the tissue paper/wrapping in the room made her scream. Least to say it was an interesting night. Jaylee running in circles, screaming at the top of her lungs and Reagan clinging to us, climbing up our heads crying everytime we handed her a present. Oh sometimes its so frustrating you just have to laugh.

Reagan got her Pediatric walker on Monday. She's not so sure about it. She just cried and refused to do it with our Physical Therapist; yesterday she seemed a titch more interested in at least standing up with it. We'll see. We figure we'll take it slow and at her pace so we aren't forcing her. Can't say when our PT left and we saw the walker just chillin in our front room I didn't have a moment where I caught my breath a bit. It was the same thing when Jaylee got her hearing aide. It little times like those when I can't help it and the sadness creeps in. Ahh to not have these issues. Luckily my girls are so cute I forget those feelings most of the time. :)

I hope your Christmases go well! Merry Christmas!!


Happy in Holland said...

I hope you have a Merry Christmas! Here's to a quiet Christmas morning at home without 20 cousins running around and screaming. Mason does much better without the "excitment" gushing out of the other kids around. Actually----Mason just does better without other kids around, but that is something he needs to learn to handle, so he gets "practice" time regularly. Christmas parties are a good practice time. I hope Santa finds you!

Nancy Brown said...

Merry Christmas. Ty had a hard time with his walker. He hated it at first and would NEVER use it. We just left it where he could see it. After a while when he realzied if he used it he could go faster he would be all about using it!

Good luck... Over stimualation is horrible.

Lori said...

thanks you two, (post) merry christmas as well!

Katie said...

Merry Christmas! I hope you found time between all the excitement and screaming to enjoy it. When the PT brought us a walker, JT screamed bloody murder. The whole hour she was there making him use it he acted like it was torture. The minute she left he stopped crying and wouldn't go to bed because he was having too much fun walking. From that day until he could walk he loved that thing. It made all the difference in the world. I am not sure if he would even be walking now if it wasn't for that. I hope he can grow to love it too.