Tuesday, October 7, 2008

I have good news too!

M.K. got her hearing aids yesterday!  She chose purple--it is her favorite color.  When we first put them in at the audiologists office, she got very excited and nearly jumped out of her wheelchair. (good thing there's a seat belt in it!)  When the audiologist left the room for a moment, she kept saying over and over "da doo" which interpreted is "Thank you"  I don't know if she said it because he gave her the box to play with, or if she was grateful for the gift of hearing.  I like to think it's the latter.  On our way home we stopped at Target and walked through the toy isles pushing the buttons on every noisy toy we could find.  She seemed to think that was a lot of fun.  Later at home, Daddy played the collection of music boxes he has given her for Christmases and Birthdays.  Big Brother "A" brought her all his noisy star wars toys.  I have been listening to things much differently and thinking of what it might be like for her.  It is a fun and amazing experience to listen to the world around you for the first time.
I have not noticed a HUGE difference in her yet.  Mostly just that she seems to respond more quickly to sound.  But, she also likes to pull her hearing aids out frequently.  I'm glad they included lots of little gadgets with the hearing aids.  One of them is a strap that clips on to the back of her shirt, and attaches to each hearing aid as well.  If they fall out, or she pulls them out, they won't get lost.  Which is very good considering how much each one cost. $$$$  
I'm sure it will take a little time for all of us to get used to them.  I'm looking forward to seeing what effects will come as time goes on.  

This is another adventure in Holland.  The good thing about those is that they help you to slow down and instead of taking time to smell the roses, or tulips, it's giving me time to slow down and listen to the birds chirping, the buzz of a bee, the distant chatter of children playing on the playground.....What a wonderful world. 


LukErin said...

That is amazing! I teared up a little at the thought of her (and your) joy!
I will post a picture of Bree's DAFO because there were lots of questions about them... But we went with purple dragonflies.

Happy in Holland said...

YAY! Good for MK! I'm so happy that she seems to like them. I'm excited for her to hear all those little things that she has been missing for the past few years. Keep us posted on how she's doing!

heather said...
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heather said...
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Anita Nap said...

Wonderful! I can't wait to read about what else she enjoys hearing. How exciting!