Wednesday, October 1, 2008

A Bit of Good News

We got a letter back from Marshall's teacher today. I don't know if I wrote this on here or not, but my husband was upset with her for telling us she thought his behavior was a side effect of his medicines. He wrote a letter to her explaining why we chose the medicine we did and how it has helped him. He told her what he was like before and what he's like now. She wrote back a long reply and basically said she will have an IEP meeting with us in a few weeks (his bday is coming up) and she will keep him in for the rest of the school year. Later in the year, she will be doing some testing and if at that point he doesn't qualify for Special Ed Preschool, she will invite him back next year as a model student. That's good and bad. If he can't ride te bus but goes to the same school next year he'll be mad. I just think we'll finish out this year and see what kind of program we can get him into for next. His teacher from last year wanted him to go to a different school this year but then she forgot he was only 3. This school offers him an opportunity to be in a regular pre-school . He would still have his IEP but he wouldn't have Special Ed. I think that might be great for him. He does fine at Church with the kids in his class. He's just a mess at home! :) We have Parent/Teacher conferences next week so we'll talk to her about it then.

Oh, and we got a free-standing porch swing for free today. Marshall and I had a great time swining for a long time. He would get down and play in the yard for a bit, then come sit and swing some more wtih me. I am so excited that I got this for free!! Now I just need to get a cushion for it. Although, that might have to wait. Marshall and I were playing on the floor together and he crawled on my head (as he loves to do). When he slid down my face, my glasses snapped in two. YIKES! So please forgive any mispells or typos. I can't see the screen very well.

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Happy in Holland said...

Uh-Oh! Someone needs to get new glasses! Sorry to hear they snapped. The free swing is cool, though! I say, as far as preschool goes, get as many options available to you as you can, then just play it by ear to see what is the best fit for him next year. I hope the IEP goes well. Let us know.