Thursday, October 16, 2008

Dennis Leary on Autism

I'm kind of fuming about this right now, and after you read it, you'll see why. Enough said.


Anita Nap said...

Oooooh. That makes me so mad!!!! What bugs me is that people get a little popularity and some money and then, WHAMO! We're supposed to actually listen to a thing he says?? What a JERK! He has no clue and should keep his big, rich, mouth shut!! Having money and fame does NOT mean he should voice his opinions on anything. However wrong they may be, and this one is DEFINITELY, COMPLETELY wrong.

tiptoe mama said...

What a #$@*&# jerk! I don't understand why our society gives so much respect or 'authority' to actors and actresses. These are people who PRETEND for a living. Just because they can 'act' smart doesn't mean they are. I'd like to see some real credentials from these people. Perhaps a Phd in neurology or psychology from this guy, or a law degree or poli-science degree from those who try to tell us how to vote, etc. Why do we humor them by believing that they have actual intelligence or any sort of credibility in important societal issues? This is something that has always bugged me.
Is there somewhere we could send hate-mail to? or something? This is just so wrong.