Friday, October 10, 2008

Hello everyone. I got this e-mail today and thought I'd just go ahead and post it for all of you. Let me just say that with all the medical equipment we have had to purchase, Cascade DAFO has been one of the best companies we've worked with. I think this personal little e-mail from them is just further proof that they actually care about their customers.


My name is Loretta and I work at Cascade Dafo. We have a search for the word Dafo on the internet and it turned up your blog. Dafo stands for Dynamic Ankle Foot Orthotic. We specialize in pediatrics and make it our mission to help children and families with the most comfortable, effective and inexpensive braces possible. I'd be happy to answer any questions you or your readers might have. I can post a comment or you or your readers can call me at 1-800-848-7332. We also have a web site:


Loretta Sheldon
Registered Orthotic Assistant
Cascade Dafo


Happy in Holland said...

That's pretty cool. What a great company.

LukErin said...

We love our DAFO! They are a great company they really seem to care.