Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Anyone used a Pediatric Dentist?

After multiple tries taking Mason to the dentist, we actually succeeded with some kind of an exam today. My SIL is our hygienist, so she was able to do a "play appointment" then check his teeth as much as he would allow. For anyone that knows me, I'm a worrier over my kids teeth because I feel like it is my fault if they get cavities. Well......she said it looks like Mason has two cavities and we need to go to a pediatric dentist to have them taken care of. This is one of my fears because I am totally afraid of having my kids sedated, but I know there is no way at all that a dentist could actually work in his mouth with him awake and kicking. So......I guess I need some moral support. Have any of you been to a pediatric dentist? If so, what is it like and who did you go to? Do they use IVs to sedate them? How do they keep the kids from pulling it out, cuz Mason will definately pull it out. He can't even handle a sticker on his hand so I know there is no way he'll do an IV. Even if you haven't been to a pediatric dentist, I know some of you have had your kids sedated before. So...what was it like? How did they do it? What can you tell me to prepare myself for this? I am just so afraid of something going wrong with a sedation. I'm all yours---impart your words of wisdom! Thanks!


tiptoe mama said...

I haven't been to a pediatric dentist, but it seems like I remember someone telling me about one that does really well with special needs kids.....I'll have to think about that and see if I can remember.

I am a pro a the whole sedation thing. Or I guess I should say M.K. is. I've learned that there are different kinds of sedation. For an MRI, they put in an IV and shoot something into it that knocks her out instantly. She goes limp in my arms within seconds, and it takes 4-5 hours till she can wake up at all. They don't let us go home until she's had a drink and something to eat without throwing up for 20 minutes. (We get to do it all again on Thursday)
For her ABR, they had her laying in a bed rather than my arms, and even though it was only three weeks ago, I don't remember if they gave her a shot or something to swallow (lol!), but she went to sleep real slow and just sort of drifted off. We still had to wait for her to wake up, though it didn't take quite as long. Same criteria for going home though.
MK has always tolerated it well, but I know not all kids do. Everytime we have to have her sedated they always ask about how she does, but I don't know any of the reactions or problems that others have.

Anita Nap said...

I love our dentist. He's a Pediatric Dentist but he's clear in Lehi. Not too bad for me but I can't remember for you.

For routine checkups, I held Marshall on my lap and the doctor had Marshall lay back and put his head on the doc's lap. Then he brushed the teeth and checked them. Marshall had a few cavities this last time so we had to schedule dental surgery. He said with the little guys he can't do it in the office. They require more sedation. The surgery went really well and Marshall was up and running a few hours later. This is not his first time being sedated. He has had 2 other pretty major surgeries.

Good luck! I'd say a Pediatric Dentist is the only way to go!

heather said...
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LukErin said...

We have a wonderful dentist... He is in the Roy/Clinton area. Let me know if you want his number and all that. I am not sure where you live.
The sedation thing is hard, but when we had to do it for Bree it was really fast and I held her but didn't have to watch. I think it is the best way! She sat on my lap and gave me a hug. She got very relaxed within seconds. We waited 4hours for her to come out of it. Other than being a little loopy she held down a milk shake and slept great though the night. I had to get up every few hours to check on her breathing. Bree had to have 2 differnt kinds of medication because she was able to fight the first kind. I was told that some kids have a really hard time with it, but Bree did well.
Good Luck!