Friday, May 22, 2009


Marshall no longer qualifies for Special Ed. We lost that battle. We'll see how he does in a regular pre-school. Maybe it's just all in my head anyway. I must have imagined that my son has to be on an anti-psychotic and an anxiety med to control his anger and lots of Clonidine so he can sleep. I'm done. There's nothing wrong with my child. I guess I don't belong here anymore either.


Melissa said...

Please don't think you don't belong here!! DO NOT let the school district decide where you belong!!!!!! Keep fighting.... keep pushing. I know right now you probably need a minute to take a breath, but you can't give up!! He does need some help and you are his only hope. I will keep your whole family in my prayers.

Anita Nap said...

We were given no choice. He doesn't qualify. He's too smart and his fine motor delay is in the 29th percentile so we're out of luck. Of course, they don't count things like being able to dress yourself, wipe your own bottom, or feed yourself without spilling everywhere.

Jessica said...

Aprilyn, I know that you feel discouraged right now, but keep searching, you will find something!
Let Marshall go into the "normal" preschool, once he is attending regularly his teachers will see that somthing is not right. Have them keep a behavior log that they turn into you every day. Maybe it will help. Have the teacher write out the time of the issue what she did to help resolve it (if it was resolved) and what set off the tantrum. Have the teacher do it in confidence with out Marshall knowing. You don't want the teacher to use it as a threat. Meanwhile, keep up the good parenting. Never doubt yourself! YOU are his mommy, YOU know him best! And keep posting here!

Nancy Brown said...

I have to agree with Jessica. We were encouraged to put Ty in a special ed classe with typical peers. After him being there for almost a year they have asked he be placed one step lower. While I don't mind I am glad that they see he needs the extra attention. Maybe when it gets a little to tough for the teachers he will be and you will be taken seriously.

Keep going.

hayngrl101 said...

I'm so sorry. :( That stinks and I know its frustrating, but hang in there!!

The sucky thing about preschool is that there are so many "crack kids"... Kids who definitely need SOMETHING, but are not severe enough to warrant public preschool.

In my state, kids' performance has to be BELOW the 7th percentile in two categories... speech/language, cognition, fine or gross motor skill... IT TOTALLY STINKS. But the "good" thing of it is this:

1. His performance is good enough not to qualify for the special ed program.

2. Since he is so bright, then putting him in with kids who are low functioning might not be a good thing for his self esteem, independence, etc. and not help him to work on things he really needs.

If I were wearing your shoes, I would have him evaluated by a developmental disabilities agency- they can to a SIB-R (Scales of Independent Behavior- Revised ed) and he might qualify for developmental therapy, behavior intervention, or psychosocial rehab.

All three involves a 1:1 helper to work on goals that are functional for him. The great thing about this kind of programming means that his 'helper' can work with him in the community-- as in, go to preschool with him.

Like I said, just hang in there!! -hayngrl aka been there, done that