Monday, May 18, 2009


I am looking for some advice. Since the last post I did about Josh, we finally have a plan for him. I talked about a possible Nissan procedure as well as G-tube placement. His Dr. has decided that she doesn't want to wait 6-8 weeks for him to get the Nissan done, so we are just going with the G-tube for now. His reflux was much worse with his NG tube in, so once that is gone and a change in meds, we hope things will be OK.

So... now I am looking for any advice or help on G-tubes. Anything you have found to do or not to do. What type of clothing is the best? He is going to turn 2 on June 1st, so I have been wondering if he needs to wear onesies or not. I would assume he needs to have his tube covered, but I don't know a thing. Also, does anyone know how long of a hospital stay it requires? I am STILL waiting on the Hospital to call with his surgery date, but I am trying to decide what kind of arrangements I will need.

So please feel free to give me any or all advice you have... it would be very much appreciated!!


Jessica said...

Jonah is a handsy kind of kid so it is a must that his G tube is covered at all times. I just always throw a onsie on under his clothes.
I think J's hospitalization was 4 days but he also had the nissan done.
My advise, always change out the dressing. Make it routeen maybe after each bath or before bed. And always even if it looks like he doesn't need it put a barrior cream around the site. I have seen narly tissue buid up. Good luck! When is he going in? keep me posted ok?

hayngrl101 said...

I remember our hospitalization was about 3-4 days (we got a tube placed a few times, long story, but it was related to open heart surgery).

Do you get to choose the kind of tubes? If you do, I would ask forthe MicKey or Bard buttons that way you don't have anything hanging and there is not much to grab onto or get caught.

I found that using undershirts cut down on stains in clothing. If you use onesies, there are these great sew-on patches that create direct access to the tube without having to undress your little one fully.

The best thing we did was keep a new tube on hand at all times. Sometimes accidents happen or medical equipment can fail over time. If you have the spare on hand, you can either put it in yourself or at the very least, take it with you to the ER or doc so they can reinsert. Once we accidentally pulled it out and had to wait a long time in the ER for a replacement to arrive.

(If you're getting a Bard button, then you don't have to worry about this).

Best of luck! I loved our tubes, it was so much better than the NG tube. So I hope you have as positive experience as we did. :)