Monday, April 20, 2009

Autism x 6

I took my daughter to the park while dinner was in the oven (gotta love casserols!) and I sat down in the shade to watch morgan play with the other kids. There was a woman sitting at the tables behind me as I was on the grass playing with Jonah. I was watching all the children play and recognized one of the kids. I have taught preschool and directed a school for years so it's not uncommon for me to run into past families. But that wasn't how I knew her. No, I just couldn't place her. It bothered me then I heard her brothers name and it all clicked. It was a family here in Murray who werefilming a documentary on Discovery Health. Their story is amazing and fortunetly I had seen the program at least 3 times. There story is called: Autism x 6
I turned around and asked if her family is on TV and she laughed and said yes. It was nice talking with her and shareing frustrations. She was just so nice. She gave me her web site and I checked it out, the fist page has funny little sayings on it.


Melissa said...

They are an amazing family. I have one kid with autism... I still am blown away at how they do it with 6 kids.

tiptoe mama said...

I love all those funny little sayings. I wish I could think of fun stuff like that to say in real life. :) Of course I probably wouldn't have the guts to say it even if I had something clever to say!