Thursday, April 2, 2009

Glimpse ~ Life with Clay

Just to allow you a glimpse into our life with Clay - we are still being molded in God's Hands.

hung over Clay's bed the entire time he was in NICU; it has been kept in the book of JOB with locks of his hair for 23 years & counting

visiting his grandparents in the nursing home

happy to be on the road again and going in our van

hanging out with his PT Sharon, in his ceiling lift sling, on the move to the living room to his love seat where he does his computer surfing and augmentative speaking

typical time ~ place ~ expression stretched out in his water bed

Clay's first 'real wheelchair'.........he normally had/has arms strapped down as they flail due to the CP; but I think I was given a God moment and a huge blessing that the camera caught him waving to me and in my heart I received it as "Hi, MOM!"


Melissa said...

He is such a handsome guy! Thanks for letting us get to know your sweet son a little more.

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