Thursday, April 9, 2009


Ty had a follow up with the ENT yesterday. I am very glad we don't see him often cause it was HELL. The kid can't handle people touching his head so going into an ENT appointment when I know the hearing test is gonna happen is just ... well FUN!!

My hubby had to go this time as well so it was 2 birds with one stone. His hearing test didn't go so well. He wouldn't let them put those things in his ears. So of course he wouldn't let them talk to him with out the crying, gagging, coughing and wretching.

I took him out of the booth and his dad went in for his hearing test. Ty loved watching his dad do the test and sat there saying "Yeah" And pointing and smiling and knocking on the sound proof door.

I kept telling him we were gonna play tickle in his ear when Daddy was done. We went back in and tried again.


The ENT suggested that we put him under general to do an ABR and see if there is hearing loss in any of his ears. If there is fluid ( which he has NEVER had a ear infection ... knock on wood) then they will tube him and then see what we can see as far as hearing.

I was actually ok with it. I hate the idea of him going under anesthia again.

Today was the bad day. It was hard to think I "might" have to add something else to the mix. It isn't like it wouldn't have been NEW.

It sucks that there can't be just ONE thing that is easy...

On the up side. I got these to photos today...

It will be ok.... It will be ok......


Melissa said...

I hear ya. I am on my way to PCMC to do a test on Josh I don't think will work.. and will be traumatic for him. I hate having to do these things to him when he doesn't understand and is already not feeling great. Sigh... one day at a time, right?

tiptoe mama said...

M.K. had a sedated ABR last August. That's when we found that she had moderate to severe hearing loss. She has made so much progress with her speech and language since then, that I'm grateful now.
I'm scared any time she has to be sedated. I don't know if it's any consolation to you, but the ABR really wasn't too bad for us. The comforting thing for me was that instead of them taking her away to do the test after she was sedated, we got to stay right there next to her the whole time. They just hooked a bunch of electrodes to her head and watched a monitor. We got the results immediately. She got through it fine, and I did too!

I'll pray that your ABR goes well too. :)

hayngrl101 said...

At our house, Kanani is TERRIFIED of anything medical related and any person in a white coat. For a long time, I felt that we had to subject her to the traumas of hearing tests, blood draws, x-rays, and swallow studies etc. When we had to add 'dentist' to our list, I decided I couldn't take her anxiety and begging me to not let them do whatever... so I set my appointment and when we got there, I gently refused to leave her with the dental assistant and promptly informed them that she had an oral aversion (she can't handle people touching her head/face/mouth). After that, the dentist came in and did not force the issue- just peeked in her mouth without sticking anything in there. I was pleasantly surprised to learn that this doc listened to me and was respectful of Kanani's feelings and fears.

I am hoping that the next steps for you are painless and simple with positive outcomes!

Lori said...

ah man. thinking of you.