Wednesday, April 15, 2009

A Find

Hello everyone! I know there were a ton of questions about DAFO's not to long ago and I just wanted to post that I found some socks at Walmart that are working great for us. They fit perfect and are tall enough to just fold a little over the top of the DAFO. They are a dollar a pair. Also, I finally got around to checking into the socks I heard about at Old Navy. They are the same style just fifty cents more.

They are called tri-fold and come in every color! I was excited about it anyway. I was wondering what we were going to do when the weather got a little warmer. We had been using cotton tights-way too hot for summer. So, YAY for small things that just make my day!

I hope you all had a fabulous Easter!


Lori said...

awesome. thanks for the heads up!

Jessica said...

Thank you for showing me what a DAFO looks like. melissa was trying to explain it to me. Now I get it.

Melissa said...

Yea! I found those at walmart when I went out looking after Josh got his DAFO's. I was so happy to see how well they worked and were thin too.