Friday, September 26, 2008

The Trouble With School Teachers Is..

They don't see how the child behaves in a "normal" setting.
Marshall's teacher worries me. I say worries, because he has his IEP review next month and I NEED him to be in Pre-school. Here's what happened.

I decided it was about time I fill this teacher in with his quirky behaviors that we get to see at home. I'm not the only one who has seen him out of control, I might add. My downstairs neighbor has had to suffer through him jumping and screaming and crashing into the door because he's so stinking mad. He is SO much better on Risperdal. So, anyway. I told the teacher about his head butting, and the crazy bad day we had the other day which ended in him putting his face in my neighbor's crotch. Embarrassing? Oh yeah. SO VERY embarrassing!

The teacher had the nerve to say maybe his behaviors at home are a result of the medication. Oh, don't even go there lady! She didn't know him before he started on these meds! Just because he is one of her best students at school DOES NOT MEAN he is an angel at home. This makes me SO MAD!! I let my husband have the notebook and he wrote a letter back to her that was 2 1/2 pages long. He told her that I was worried about him still qualifying for Pre-School. He told her that she hasn't seen the wonderful side effects we've seen since he started Risperdal. He has come a long way but he still has some BIG problems. If she doesn't believe us, then we will have to figure out something else for Marshall. I'm glad he's good at school but don't tell me I'm full of it. I'm so sick of people telling me he's normal. He's not. I WISH he was, but he's just not. Oh, he ate cereal and crackers for a snack so we must be making it up that he has problems eating. Oh, he sleeps through the night quite a bit lately so we must be making that up too. GRRR!


Happy in Holland said...

I know it can be frustrating. I used to teach Kindergarten, and I had a student once that was just an angel at school, so I was shocked when the mom talked to me about behavior problems. She was just sure he was ADHD. I filled out some forms for her, and he met with the school counselor a lot for evaluations, and based on all the information provided by all parties (not just me), he was diagnosed with ADHD. That just goes to show that they CAN be completely different kids in the classroom than they are around home. I know it doesn't really help Marshall, but maybe it'll give you comfort in knowing that teachers don't know everything. Some kids just do better at school because it is a different environment and an escape from their regular lives. Good luck with it all.

LukErin said...

That sounds so hard. I have not had to deal with that yet, Bree is only 18 months. Our doctor told us that keeping her social is really important so we are looking into our options...
Good luck, I hope the school can do what is very best for Marshall.