Tuesday, September 23, 2008


This picture was taken last winter but the shirt really says it all. So does his face. He looks like this a lot. He growls and glares at people. Or sometimes he just turns into a kitty. He meows at people.

Marshall has been so difficult lately so I figured I would take him to the library in hopes that keeping him really busy would help. I let him go to the story time for kids ages 3-5. He said he liked it, then he said he didn't like it because they made him sit down. That sounds like it could be very true. I wish I had stayed and watched him on the monitor. Hmm..maybe his school should do that too. That would be GREAT!

After the library, we had to run to the grocery store where he had a HUGE tantrum for more than 15 min. He was screaming, crying, trying to get out of the cart, etc. We finally made it out of there and went home for lunch. I WISH this child took naps! I think a nap would have helped him.

A bit later, I remembered I had to get some large envelopes and get something in the mail today. I dragged him to Staples, then to the Post Office where he had another HUGE meltdown because they didn't have a public bathroom. He kicked the counters, ripped a paper that was taped onto the counter, scowled at me and everyone around him and just cried and cried some more.

I took him home to go potty, then had to run to the music store. He got in trouble for playing with the Xylophone that was sitting out. I didn't care. It was the manager that was upset with him. WELL, if they didn't put it down where little kids could reach it, MAYBE they wouldn't play with it. He laid on the floor and cried and kicked more while I paid for my music. Then when I went next door to the Pharmacy, he ran away.

Tonight, I took him over to the Church parking lot across the street and let him ride his plastic trike. He rode so fast. It probably did him a lot of good. I love to see how fast his little legs go when he's pedaling. :)

His brother helped him cross the street to go home. Our neighbor was outside and holding her 2 yr old daughter. Marshall loves them. I mean, REALLY loves them. He always wants to play with him. He acts like the big brother of their daughter. Hillary (the mom) was standing on the driveway talking to me when out of the blue, Marshall rubbed his face IN HER CROTCH!!!! CAN I SCREAM NOW?! He does that to his brother sometimes too, and he gets in trouble, but this is our NEIGHBOR. Yeah, Marshall thinks she is her best friend but EWW!!

See why this child isn't quite what we'd call normal?!? I've had friends tell me they REALLY think he's got Asperger's Syndrome. This little "stunt" of his tonight fits right in with what my friend's son with Asperger's does. What a lousy day. Thank goodness he goes to school tomorrow.

Oh, I forgot to mention that my husband and I went on a date Saturday night (first one in ages) and the babysitter had to put Marshall to bed. He was really mad when it was bedtime and apparently he hid under his train table. He had a rough time getting into bed and going to sleep. We messed up his routine SO BAD. He was VERY VERY upset on Sunday. It was payback for Saturday I guess. Maybe this is STILL payback. He was either angry or crying about 85% of the day today.


Happy in Holland said...

Sorry you had a rough day. Hopefully today goes better.

LukErin said...

I really hate bad days! Hard days (everyday) are bad enough, why do we need bad days? I hope he is doing better and you get some much need rest!

tiptoe mama said...

so sorry. I hate days like that. I wish I could do more, these ( ( virtual hugs ) ) will have to do. Hang in there.