Friday, September 26, 2008


I just wanted to say THANKS to you all.  I started this blog for selfish reasons; I was lonely and wanted someone to talk to about my special needs child.  5 weeks and a few fistfuls of flyers later, here we are!  I have enjoyed reading all your posts and comments.  They have lifted me, comforted me and strengthened me just knowing that I'm not alone.  Your stories have inspired me and encouraged me to continue in my own 'story' with a lighter step and a brighter heart. Just yesterday, I found myself in a conversation with two 'regular' Moms talking about the ins and outs of potty training.  In my mind, I thought about what I might be able to contribute to the conversation.  I could tell them how a spongebob chair wouldn't work for me because I need one that my little one can't fall off of.  I could tell them that my little one isn't showing the signs of readiness by telling me when she's wet or stinky, because she can't communicate well. I could tell them how terrified I am of potty training her, and ask if they had any good ideas for me...But in my heart, I knew they'd smile and nod politely, and perhaps feel a little awkward.  A funny thing happened:  instead of feeling sad and lonely over it - - I thought to myself:  "I can talk to my TULIP friends!!" and I was happy and comforted.  In this short amount of time, you all have made a difference for me.  Even you lurkers ( I know you're there!).  and I appreciate it.  Even though this was started out of selfishness, I hoped and assumed that by helping myself I would also being helping others. I truly hope and still believe this is the case.  We are here for each other.  Bless you all.   I appreciate you and your friendship. Thank you, thank you, thank you.


Anita Nap said...

I feel the same way. I love being able to talk about things here that I can't write any other place. If I do, I'm being negative and not enjoying Mommyhood. I AM enjoying Motherhood. I love my children dearly. I just need a place to go where I don't feel so alone. A place where I can tell it like it is and not get judged. It feels good. So thanks for selfishly starting this blog!! I selfishly joined. :)

LukErin said...

I have to smile at that. I asked some of my friends what to do about my little guy feeling picked on and acting out, usually hurting Beee, because he is upset that he doesn't get what she gets. While some of the advice I got was good, it just wont work. I can not stop doing what I do for Bree and give Jeremy more. It is the very sad and heartbreaking truth. It is so nice to have this with pepole that understand, and have ideas to help.
I think in some way we might all think of ourselves as selfish, but really we aren't we are just trying to do what is best for our kids, and even "supermoms" need a break from time to time.

Happy in Holland said...