Saturday, September 13, 2008

I Second that!

Welcome to any lurkers or new comers.  We are a brand new blog and are happy that the word is spreading.  Please feel free to visit often, to leave comments, or even to post if you'd like (just send an e-mail to   We are happy to have you in any capacity!

I also wanted to thank you for your comments and support on the recent news of my daughter's hearing loss.  I had myself a little cry and now, I feel 100% better.   We have decided that when M.K. gets her hearing aides, we will have a hearing party to celebrate and let all our family and friends bring a sound for her to listen to.  Does anyone know how long it takes to get hearing aides?  I am hoping that she'll be able to get them before our trip to Disneyland next month.  She is SO in love with "Lella" (Cinderella) right now, it will be the trip of her life.  And I want it to be as wonderful as can be.  Speaking of that--Does anyone have any tips on wheelchairs & special needs at Disneyland?    


Aprilyn said...

I will try to find out how long it takes to get hearing aides. I know someone who has a baby who got hearing aides.
As for Disneyland, ask Cindy. I just read on her blog about going there. Her son is in a wheelchair so I'm sure she could give you tips. Also, I believe the author of the blog Parenting Partner had a post about Disneyland as well. Good luck. I'm glad you're feeling better today. A hearing party is such a great idea!

Chelsey said...
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Chelsey said...

Hey, this is where you are! Or should I say, this is where you have been...on your tulip blog. I have missed you and feel all the known and unknown with you b/c you are such a beautiful and articulate writer. My sisterinlaw says that the best place to be with a wheelchair is Disney so I know you will love it and do great. I guess I can visit your blog and feel like I am in Holland again. Bitter sweet. Love your guts.

Anonymous said...

I know that you get to the front of the lines at disneyland. I am so glad to here that your little girl is getting hearing aids. I have a three year old boy who is speeched delay I was hopeing that it didn't have to do with hearing loss.It doesn't, his left and right side of the brain was zipping together or working together and now that he is in special ed preschool in west haven they are finally working together. And hearing him starting to talk after 2 years is a miracle as well.
I love your blogs they touch me

Happy in Holland said...

Be sure to get a Front Line Pass at Disneyland. If you go to SeaWorld or Legoland, you can also get one there. SeaWorld would give you and MK half-price admission, so I'd call Disneyland beforehand and see if they offer something similar. I'm glad your feeling happy again!

Cindy said...

We were at Disneyland for Labor Day weekend. You can get a disability guide here .

There is really not "front line pass." You just show up in a wheelchair. It all depends on the ride. That is why the disability guide is helpful
Some of the rides you get on at a special place,the guide tell you, usually the exit. They will stop the ride so you can get on. Others rides you have to get in the line like everyone else. Some rides have special cars just for people in wheelchairs.

Overall for little children the characters are great and go out of their way to say hello to a young one in a wheelchair.

We had a great time at Disneyland!! I'm sure you will too!!

I think the idea of a hearing party is a great one!!