Monday, September 15, 2008

A Few More Examples of Behavior

Here are a few more things I wanted to show you about Marshall. I've been through the ringer trying to get him diagnosed so I would feel like I wasn't making this up. Some people say I shouldn't push for a diagnosis. Maybe they are right but I'm SO SICK of people telling me there's nothing wrong with my child. I'm grateful that he's good in school but that doesn't make him any easier to deal with at home. He is MUCH better on Risperdal but still difficult. I know I'm taking up a bunch of space with all these videos but they really describe what he's like better than words do. I am including one of him in his Airwalker Swing, which gives a lot of Proprioceptive Input. I am grateful for the good times and I love how he makes us all laugh with his funny things he says. I'm happy he's mine. I'm happy I stayed in Holland. Holland is a beautiful, difficult place to be.


Happy in Holland said...

He's so cute! He cracks me up with "come come ye saints". That is darling! What a cutie you've got!

Anita Nap said...

He is always making us laugh too..even if he's exhausting us at the same time!! :)
The video of him closing his eyes and singing is what got us the PDD-NOS diagnosis. Oh, that and him lying on the kitchen floor.