Sunday, September 26, 2010

It's been a really long time

It's been a really long time since I posted on here. Mostly it was due to summer and all the kids being home. It was pure craziness trying to manage everything. Although now that school is in session, things aren't any better, just different.

I am currently 27 weeks pregnant, and so far my dream pregnancy has not happened. I have had problems from about 10 weeks on. I do have my sugars from the gestational diabetes under control finally, enough insulin will do that! I have had contractions and I am taking meds to keep them under control and doing scheduled resting for now. There is alot of concern about what is going on, but I have made it this far. My OB just really wants me to make it to Thanksgiving, which puts me at 36 weeks. If I have her that early.. or earlier, we are looking at a NICU baby, but I hope not. The odds are not in my favor. Oh well, such is life.

We have two special needs kids. This is not new. But wow! This school year is presenting some challenges managing two of them with school. Trevor, our 8 year old (autism) is doing relatively well at school, but home is another challenge. With some one-on-therapy, group therapy, meds, and implementing a very strict schedule, I think we are on the right track. At least I hope..

You add in Josh, our 3 year old (multiple diagnosis) and preschool... and I think it's what threw me for a loop. He is doing great in special education preschool, but it just adds another thing on top of everything to worry about. Between doctor appts, speech, meds 4 times a day, feedings, him finding out how to pull out his G-tube, counting calories, trying to keep him healthy, it has taken me longer to adjust to a school schedule on top of that. But it's doable... just busy.

Even a year ago, I would not have imagined my life so crazy. Everytime it seems like it can't get any more chaotic..... life changes and it does. Anyone else feel that way?


Luke and Erin said...

never slows down does it? Sounds like you are plugging along! Good luck with the new baby! Prayers your way!

tiptoe mama said...

Bless your heart. Life is crazy. all the time. I can absolutely relate. My last pregnancy was the hardest time of my life. Now my little one is 9 months old and I can hardly believe it. It's even crazier than before. thank heavens. Hang in there. Come what may and love it right?