Wednesday, September 15, 2010

A Bit of Appreciation

Lately I feel so grateful. There are certainly plenty, and I mean PLENTY of things to be ungrateful for, but I've chosen (for my own happiness) to focus on the other things -- those things for which I am grateful. Because, for me, it is that: A choice. Sometimes a difficult one, but I have found that when I choose an attitude of gratitude over, well, an attitude of non-gratitude, I am happier. Another happy effect is that it can also be quite freeing.

So, one thing that I've been overwhelmingly grateful is for those who take care of my sweet Sammers. We have been so so blessed. Our doctors (all but a few) have been phenomenal. And I'm talking, phenomenal! They answer my questions, call me back -- what a concept, are interested in her, want to help, are compassionate, etc. Samantha's teacher and teacher aides are incredible. They love her so much and are so gentle, loving, and plainly perfect for her. Her therapists (PT, OT, and Neurodevelopmental) are all three fabulous! To be honest, I wasn't so sure about our PT when we first moved. I wasn't thrilled. She's new and I could tell she was uncomfortable with Sammy -- she is quite an unusual case I suppose. But I have grown quite fond of her as she has become more comfortable with Sammy. All three of them have taught me exercises to do at home, work well with Sammy during therapy, and are some of her biggest fans! Finally, Samantha attends a daycare once a week after school so I can tutor from home. She's only there a few hours, but this daycare is set up for "medically sensitive" children. Those nurses and attendants there are awesome, for lack of a better word. They love love love her. They are patient with her. They laugh with her and play with her. Sammy loves it there.

I recently started thinking about all our kids. At some point, there is a time when we have to "let go" a little bit. When our kids go to school, we turn them over to other adults. We hope things go well, and hopefully we've taught them how to be, or start to be, socially successful, how to follow instructions, etc. But when we have little kiddos who can't tell us how the day went, it's easy to worry. We have to go off of what we know, and sometimes, we don't know much. Today, as I read my friend's blog...seeing her little girl smile with delight at preschool, I felt so much gratitude for the whole team of people who help take care of my little Sammy. There are few things that are more precious than our children, and it's so comforting to know that when she's not in my own hands, she's still in good ones.


ANewKindOfPerfect said...

Isn't it amazing! We trust these delicate, fragile little ones to people who used to be strangers to us. We hope and pray that they will not only help our kids learn and grow, but keep them safe and just as importantly keep them happy.

I am glad my blog post sparked this in you. :) You are a great friend, and I will be lucky to one day meet you and your beautiful girls in person!

tiptoe mama said...

Amen. I feel the same way about the heaven sent angels who love my little ones too. It really seems they were meant to be here for us. What a wonderful post. thank you.

Katherine said...

YES! I feel exactly the same way. We are so blessed. I am so glad that I can trust our doctors/therapists/teachers. There is something about these people seeing past his difficulties and loving the person he is.