Saturday, May 7, 2011

Happy Mother's Day to some of the strongest mama's I know!

I Am Going On A Journey

I am going on a journey,

Won't you come along?

I need someone to help me.

A person big and strong.

I'm walking on my journey

But my feet are very small.

Can you stand beside me,

And catch me if I fall?

At times when I can't keep up

With life and all its fears,

Can you put me on your shoulders

And wipe away the tears?

When the steps I take are not big enough

And it's hard for me to grow

I know I can depend on you

To let me take it slow.

I'm going on a journey,

Please, won't you walk with me?

I need someone who understands

The place where I should be.

I promise when the road is tough

And you want to turn back home.

I will hold your hand real tight,

So you won't feel so alone.

I'm going on a journey

I don't know where it ends,

But if we walk together,

We can always be best friends.

And when the journey's over

And we find where we should be.

I know that you will be so glad,

You took this path with me.

I'm going on a journey,

Please, won't you come along?

I need someone to guide me

A parent—big & strong

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