Thursday, October 7, 2010

A necessary evil, or just evil?

I'm not sure if I'm venting a frustration here, or asking for advice. Maybe both.

I am having issues with medical equipment/supply companies. I hate them all. We have had bad experiences with Praxair in the past. (DON'T get me started!) so when MK needed to get a walker, we decided to try to go through Alpine instead. Long story short: it has been a year since we "ordered" the walker. Our sales rep never returns our calls. Every time I have called him I get a different story. They are waiting for the insurance to go through, they are waiting for the medicaid approval, they have put in the order and are waiting on rifton to process it....yada yada yada. Just now I spoke to the guy again. Apparently, the insurance + medicaid wouldn't cover the whole cost, so instead of letting us know, they just did nothing. The order has never been placed. Meanwhile, we've been sitting here waiting for our little girl to get a walker. It's been a YEAR!!! I'm ready to pull my hair out!

Can any of you recommend a better company to go through? Any suggestions or tips? I called Rifton directly to see if I can order through them instead of going through a company. Caught them after hours and had to leave a frustrated.


Miracles Happen said...

What kind of walker is it? I have a kaye reverse walker that we haven't used in OVER a year sitting in my garage. you can email me if you know what kind it is.

We found when we ordred equipment it was cheaper for us to just pay for it. It took FOREVER but we also lived in a different state and had long term care insurance for him .

Jessica said...

something better... I have a walker she can have! PS, I hate praxair too!

Mel said...

Praxair has a new sales rep that I just love. He helped us get our wheelchair but he was working for a different company last year. I ran in to him tonight at a UCAT open house in SLC and just found out that he has switched. He really knows pediatrics. email me at and I will get you his info.