Monday, October 11, 2010

I have lot's of questions!Answers Please?

So much has changed in my life in just a few short months! First Jonah was diagnosed with autism, then 2 months later reevaluated with a second opinion and was slaped with the label of PDD-NOS (seem so much more fitting) He will start at Pingree next week, but I fear he will not get the socialization that he needs as the ratio is 1:2


1) Who did you bring with you to write an IEP??

2)What are the most important things to make sure make it on the IEP?

3) Has your child gone to Pingree? If so what was their experience???

4) Would it be ok to keep in enrolled in and hour class with DDI while following ABA??

5) Has any one tried the GF/CF diet?

Thank you Medical Mommies!!!


Maybury said...

I am an SLP who works for early intervention. I thought I might be able to answer some of your questions.

1. You can bring anyone you want to an IEP. I would suggest a spouse or other family member or friend. Someone who knows your child well, who can support you and help you advicate for your child.
2.The IEP is just a document that says what the school district/therapists/special ed is going to work on with your child. Sometimes teachers will already have them all typed/written out. Parents don't realize that they can change anything because it is already in writing. Don't be afraid. If you don't like something say something. They can change it.
3. The choice between DDI and ABA is a big debate. I have seen major progress with both approaches. I am going to answer your question with another question. What is best for your child? Look at your child's strengths and needs. I have worked with children with PDD for 6 years and if there is anything I have learned it is that there is no special "cure." No certain type of therapy is best. Both programs have advantages and disadvantages. It is my opinion that a mix is the best. I see the most progress when parents make a very individualized plan that includes some of everything.
I hope this helps. You can email me with any further questions.

I think this is an awesome website! A grand idea!

Jessica said...

Thank you Kelly! I needed to hear another perspective. Oh and great advise on the IEP. Im glad to hear that once it's written I can change it if I don't like it. I know that ABA will be best for my guy, as we have tried other methods and have had very minimal results. SO here goes nothing! Jumping in with both feet! His first day is Tuesday!

tiptoe mama said...

I don't have any experience or knowledge about PDD, but I've been to plenty IEPs and I think it's all just a matter of making sure you feel comfortable. Ask all the questions you want. Offer suggestions for anything you'd like to see and just treat it like a chit chat with a bunch of friends trying to help your kiddo. Best of luck!