Tuesday, March 16, 2010

A different kind of question

I have a dentist appointment next month and it got me thinking about taking Tanner to the dentist. We haven't taken him yet and I'm worried about it. He has a lot of sensory issues when we have to do most "grooming" things to him, like cutting his hair, clipping his nails, and brushing his hair. Brushing his teeth causes a daily conflict and cutting his hair is a huge ordeal. He freaks out from the clippers. We've tried cutting his hair ourselves, taking him to the barber, and taking him to hair cutters specific for kids. I think that his reaction to going to the dentist is going to be just as dramatic/traumatic.

So, here's my question: are there dentists who specialize in dealing with patients with illnesses or other problems, pediatric or otherwise? If so, do any of you know of any in the Utah/Wasatch Front area? Also, what if Tanner has cavities? Do dentists have ways of taking care of them differently than how they would fix them for others?

If any of you have dealt with this before, I welcome any suggestions or comments you may have that can help me out.


Jenny Kapp said...

I hope it is ok that I comment. I am a frequent reader, but a first time commenter! They do have sedation for children during dentistry if dental work is needed. I took my daughter with CP to the dentist. They were very good with her. I explained they just needed to go slow and at her pace. I took things with me that I knew would help her be relaxed and open her mouth (ie. she loves water bottles to be sprayed in her mouth and will open wide for them.). I would call the dentist office you are interested in going to and see what they would suggest to help your son be more comfortable. Also see if they do special arrangements for kids who need it.

Mel said...

I took my son with CP and sensory issues to Castle Creek Pediatric Dentisty in North Ogden. They are great! He had a lot of dental work done. They will do sedation dentistry either in office or at Primary's if needed. Because of his epilepsy we chose Primary's. The dentist from North Ogden traveled down to SLC to perform his dental work (3 cavities and a cap). I haven't had any complaints with them. Don't know if they are anywhere close to you or not. Good luck!

Melissa said...

I also just took my almost 3 year old to the Dentist for his first visit today. I also take my kids to Castle Creek Dentistry in North Ogden. We started there with my older son with autism. They have been amazing! We are also going to Primary's for my little one's work since he has a history of medical problems. THe doctors there are amazing and I think it would be worth looking into.

hayngrl101 said...

I shopped around to see if there were any dentists who were familiar with my daughter's syndrome and was extremely picky. My hope was to find someone who would be gentle and accepting and willing to do dental work under general anesthesia.. we lucked out and the dentist was working with her oral aversion, gradually increasing her tolerance of dental work and when she actually needed caps and extractions, they arranged to do so under general anesthetics at the hospital. That was in Idaho... but my advice is to shop around for a doc who is willing to do the dental work your way..

Happy in Holland said...

I also take my kids to Castle Creek in North Ogden, and I absolutely love them!!! Mason is sensory issues as well, so a pediatric dentist was necessary. We tried a normal dentist, and it just didn't work out. I would definately recommend Castle Creek--it is even worth a drive. I know they have opened an office in Kaysville as well, but I haven't been there. Mason did have to have a deep sedation to have some dental work done, and they were sooooooooo good with thim. He still will not allow them to polish his teeth or take x-rays, but they do make progress with him every time. Good luck!

Susan said...

Perfect timing on this post! I need to get some cavities taken care of for mk that our regular dentist can't handle. I think I'll have to head to castle creek myself! thanks ladies!

Luke and Erin said...

We go to Dr. Scott Wall at Kidz World .
(801) 776-8176
780 S 2000 W Ste F2
Syracuse, UT 84075
He is fantastic!
But I have heard great things about Castle Creek too.