Monday, November 16, 2009


My life this year has been in a constant state of chaos in stasis and right now, I see no end to it.

I just met with my school's SLP, whom I practically had to beg to evaluate my little girl. Finally, a full 45+ days after the fact, today I was informed that her performance is at the 1st percentile.

At my IEP ammendment meeting, my 2nd grade teacher was in attendance as was the assistant principal; both were present at the initial IEP meeting back in September. You would not believe how quickly one's hackles can be raised upon hearing the insensitive words of an uninformed AP.

For instance, during our conversation, these school professionals said things like "oh well sounds like our school is not a good match for your child"... and "maybe we should write a safety goal.. in case you change schools or something".. and at the beginning of the school year, my school virtually told me that a 1:1 aide was not an option for my child. And yet today, the AP told me that without medical documentation or IQ testing-- or the fact that I have chosen not to share this information with them- that they cannot provide additional services. I responded saying that I would gladly share my recent psychological testing if they would provide an aide, but that I had already submitted copies of testing that documented a need for an aide. I also bluntly told them that I saw no reason they needed to have access to IQ tests if they weren't even going to try to meet the needs of my child.

You would not believe how irritated I was to watch an SLP, AP, and regular teacher talk themselves in circles. Interestingly and totally off topic, my SLP informed me that she always wanted to work in the NICU. And yet when we started talking about my daughter and her syndrome, her words were "yeah and she has Velo- car... whatever its called syndrome." I was a bit put off by her insensitivity.

But. No matter. I guess I will start making plans to change schools. Whats a littlemor chaos?


Jessica said...

I am so disgusted about this. I never understood how insensitive people work in situations like this. I don't get it! How sad for you and your child. I am so sorry. I wish I had a magical wand to make this so much better for you. I know how bad it hurts when others around you just don't seem to care...after all for them its just a job at the end of the day...for us its our job all day and all night. No rest. It is so draining, but I know you will be able to push through it!

tiptoe mama said...

Man! Why can't anything ever be easy?

Preemie Miracle said...

I am so sorry. I think having issues and trying our best to deal with them is the hardest thing EVER. Insensitivty should be a crime and SHAME on the people who call themselves educators in your district.

( our school is good. want to come :( )