Tuesday, November 10, 2009


It has been recomended that J starts wearing a helmet! I am such a mess about it. He needs it in hopes to prevent all the bruising that is occuring due to his head banging. Does anyone know where I could find one that would fit a baby. He has such a small head a normal toddler helmet is just too big...let me know what you know. Thanks Ladies..


Melissa said...

We had that suggestion when Josh was going through the worst of his head banging. I don't think his was as bad as Jonah's is though. He rarely left bruises. Trevor was my kid who left permanent damage. Anyway, I did alot of research into it at that time and had alot of conversations with different therapists. I think we basically decided the best helmet to use is a skating helmet. It offers the best protection. My only problem was because of Josh's microcephaly I could not find a helmet small enough. His head size is below the bottom line in the charts. So anyway, let me see if I can find some good links of what I found and you can measure J's head to see if they would even work. I'm sorry it has come to this!! I hope that it won't last long. Sometimes just the fact of having to wear the helmet can help them to stop.

Jessica said...

Ok Melissa what the heck do you mean by Trevor was the kid who left perm. damage???? You can't leave me with that kind of info then change the subject... Lol

Melissa said...

Sorry... that sounded way worse than I meant!! I mean he got bruises all the time. He has a permanent ridge from between his eyes up to his hairline from so many bumps. He has had tests done and doesn't have any brain damage. I just meant Josh head bangs, but can't do it hard enough to even get a bruise. Trevor was my kid who could do that. He doesn't head bang anymore, but there is a visual reminder to me that he did. I am still going to check on helmets for you, by the way.

hayngrl101 said...

I used to work with a little guy (under 2) and he wore a helmet to protect from head banging. It was leather and looked similar to what wrestlers wear. I will see if there is any info on that.. and just off topic, my second child has a ridge on his forehead also. Kinda reminds me of something that you might see on star trek.. but he never banged. :)