Sunday, August 2, 2009

Social Skills Class

Marshall started a social skills class at his OT's office. They have been trying to get him in the class for over a year now but they always had it on Thursday afternoons at 4pm and there is NO WAY that could work for me. Even if it weren't 1/2 hr North of where I live, I still couldn't do it. So now, I'm thrilled that it will be every Friday at 10:30am until Sept. 18th. They will work on his communication skills, which will be so nice.

Today at church, he was asked a question by our Primary President. (The Primary is the children's organization. It's where they go to classes with other kids their age..kind of like Sunday School for other churches.) She asked him if he went to see the new temple that had been built. He just stared and stared at her. I had to go ask him questions and try to get him to answer them but he had no idea at all what she was asking. He never really answers questions. He is usually lost in his own world during church. I think he just turns inside to deal with the stress.

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Melissa said...

I am so glad you got Marshall into the Social Skills class. I think Trevor did something similiar to that a couple years ago... and it worked wonders! I hope Marshall does well and you are happy with it.