Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Second DAFO...what do you think?

Okay, so we went to JT's Physical Therapist's today.  I have been kind of worried about how his gait has changed the last few months.  His left foot and leg have been the problem side in the past and he already has a DAFO on that side.  Lately he has been walking on his toes on his right side.  It looks like he is trying to make it easier to just swing his left leg up without catching his toes.  I have heard of "tippy-toe" walking and I knew it was a reason to get DAFOs.  So I guess I wasn't completely surprised when it was suggested we get one for his right leg as well.

I hate to give him something else you know?  I really hate the idea of putting a DAFO on his leg that doesn't seem to be affected by his CP.  But I know he won't change his way of walking without some sort of help.  The other option was to get sturdy hiking boots but it is already so hard getting shoes that will fit both feet (the left over the DAFO and the right foot is so skinny even in smaller sizes shoes that are big enough for the left rarely stay on the right)

It was hard to see him walk in the right DAFO she had laying around. Minutes before he was running and showing off, but with it on he was unsure and unsteady, asking for help often...but on the other hand I have never seen him walk so normally, slow, unsteady but it looked RIGHT.  I don't know how to explain it.

I feel like getting the right side would help him.  But I guess it is just saddening.  Does anyone have a suggestion?  Anyone had something like this happen?  Is there another option I am not seeing?  

I hope all of that made sense.  I have had a long day.


Mel said...

I think its a great idea! Sometimes it really is hard initially adding "one more thing" but generally those PT's really know what they are doing.

tiptoe mama said...

It's always hard to add 'one more thing' to the list of special needs our children have. I say, give yourself some time to grieve over it a little, then move forward and embrace the change. It may help to balance things out, and - Both shoes will fit both feet now! right?! :) Good Luck.

Melissa said...

Oh Katie.... I know what you are feeling! It's the what is one more thing, or can I take one more thing feeling! I know that you will get through this. You'll be greatful in teh end. it is just hard to get to that point.

Preemie Miracle said...

We just got some new "kind" Of AFO that might help as well. Its called a Kiddie gait. they are titanium and go in the front of hte leg instead of the back. It give Tyler so much more input to walk correctly!

One more thing is sucky!! I hate it to!