Thursday, June 18, 2009

Long time no blogging ( at least not here)

Hey ladies.... long time no blogging over here. Things have been super super crazy in this lovely household. If you want super nice in depth details head over to my blog. But otherwise here is our update.

Ty is doing super super good. For the first time in almost 4 years the stinker finally has an ear infection. That of course was after our "little" run in with the swine flu.

Yep you read it... We went on vacation to Utah and freaking got directly exposed to the swine flu for almost a whole week. The in laws had it. My hubbies sister was diagnosed with the swine flu while we were on our way home. Ty got hit with a super fast fever and the pukes the entire plane trip. I was flying alone so I was nervous as could be. But we had a fever for 2 days and then Dallas and I got the sickness.

We have been battling the flu/swine flu for about a week now. With everyone sick in our house we are not happy campers.

Our vacation to Utah was ... well.. I am glad it is over.

That was our current week. Right before we went on vacation we had botox follow up. Looks like we will be going for round 2 in July. His shunt seems to be stable for now. We all know how fast that can change. We were going to do summer school at the foundation for blind children but the above mentioned sickness has put us into just being home with mom. We just hired another respite lady. She is a grandma and we are hoping it works out better than the others we have had.

We are also ttc. We know that we will be on pretty close watch and hope that with the new respite people that if we need to do bed rest we will be all set.

That is the update from this tired mommy in Arizona. So glad to see all the good updates. You ladies rock.

Here is a few photos from vacation:

If you want to see more photos or see more of the update and more indepth and of course way more photos. Come on over to our regular blog.

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Jessica said...

Wow, the swine flue thing is kinda scary, I am glad your family is recovering well! Very cute pics!