Sunday, March 20, 2011

Application for an ipad?

I have heard a lot about applications for ipads that are similar to PECS. I think one of them is called verbal victor. Has anyone heard about these? Where I can find them? Which is best for young children? Anything? I am going to ask our speech therapist as well but last time she admitted she didn't know much about it. Thanks guys!


Miracles Happen said...

Grace, voice4u, tap to talk. Those are three that I know about. I like grace ( it might be gracie) but you can go to the app store and just search for specific names. Also check with your therapist they had some great names for some apps for Tyler. we tried the first 2 and soon after hew as talking ( not because of the aps but because he just did) good luck.

Jessica said...

Can you get them on an android phone or is it only for apple stuff?