Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Drama Queen?

Does anyone else ever feel like other people must think you are a drama queen? No one has ever said this about me but I feel like some people think it. I feel like I am always in recovery from some crisis. People don't understand that even doctor appointments that have become "regular" to us still have the ability to take me out emotionally/physically/ mentally that day. Besides all of the regular money, work, family crap that everyone in the world goes through I feel like I always have extra stress to deal with and extra stressful events to make work.

Some examples: I have taken my son to the ER every 3-4 weeks since April. He has had a broken arm, stitches and he almost lost his teeth (tripped and face planted in driveway). His botox didn't take this last time and they don't know why. His braces have needed to be adjusted because they were giving him sores. He has started to be extra defiant in school. The doctors are now getting worried about him not gaining weight (too skinny). Potty training is not only going badly but has put both JT and me into fits of crying (we have since given up for now). Along with the usual not talking and the difficulties with that.

Now add on the fact that my husband's car has had everything go wrong with it including (but not only) it setting on fire, huge oil leaks, parts needing to be replaced, the computer part of the car (ECU) getting programmed wrong so it won't communicate with his car, etc. And while this is going on my car died and we had to buy a new one. Then this weekend some jerk broke into our garage and stole my car along with my husbands tools and some other things in the garage.

All of this has happened since April. I already felt like when people asked how things were they saw me as some drama queen who made mountains out of molehills. No matter how hard I try, my life always sounds like some sort of melodrama. Is it me? Do I make too big of a deal of things? Does anyone else feel like this?


Happy in Holland said...

Holy Smokes, Girl! I am so sorry for everything that you are going through. Life really can be hard sometimes. I can't believe you got your new car stolen! YIKES! I know that there really isn't anything we can do for you, but we can tell you to hang in there. At some point, things WILL get better. Hugs.

Luke and Erin said...

Wow, I would say you are not a drama queen. It is too bad some may make you feel that way. I always say when it rains it poors. Car stolen? That is awful. And the never ending doctor appointments. YUCK!! Hang in there, it can only get better... right :)